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Ten Pictures That Will Make You Scratch Your Head For A While


If you spend a lot of time online, chances are, you have stumbled upon a photo and just thought, “What on earth is going on there?” It probably happened more than once. The internet is flooded with bizarre pictures, but not counting the millions of failed attempts at Photoshop, some of them are worth looking at. Here are fifteen photos that will make you scratch your head in confusion, but actually enjoy doing it.

1. The two-headed giraffe


Upon first glance, it does look like there are two heads coming out of one giraffe’s body, but if you look a little closer, you will actually see two animals lined up perfectly.

2. Zebra legs


Although it soon becomes apparent the woman is sitting on a model of a zebra, the first impression is incredibly funny.

3. The party-pooping mirror


This might have been cool if it wasn’t for the reflection in the mirror. An unforgettable lesson about always checking photos twice before posting them.

4. A nice pose


It might look like two things: a guy is dropping it or siamese twins, but if you look closer, you can see it’s actually two different people.

5. Check out that hair!


Wow, this girl should be doing hairstyle tutorials: her bun is actually another guy’s head!

6. Well, that’s odd…


You might think that’s a man with a strange taste in bathing suits but worry not, it’s a man standing and a woman bending down. Such timing, though!

7. A photo of a photo


It might take a while to realize, but someone has taken a photo of a photo here – check out the reflection.

8. Levitation powers


The girl is actually wearing tights with a very similar pattern to the floor. Well played.

9. Hey, dawg!


It’s (unfortunately?) not some kind of spliced dog-humanoid, just a woman sitting next to a dog. You’re laughing now, but we’re pretty sure you would totally freak out if you saw this in real life.

10. May the force be with you


It may look like this guy is actually carrying a lightsaber around with him, but this photo is another one with unbelievable timing. The light is coming through a little gap in the wall and it only looks like he’s holding onto it.

If you enjoyed these, make sure you check out the video for more similar shots!


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