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15 Pictures That May Take A Second Glance Before You Realize What They Are


I know you’ve probably heard what I’m about to say a thousand times,  so let me try and present it a different way.

Imagine if you’re walking down the street one day, and then you see something a little bit strange. You keep walking closer, but it still seems strange; it takes you quite a bit of time to finally understand what’s actually going on, but when you do you exclaim “Ohhh!”

Here are 15 photos that will make you do that.

1. Forget hoverboards

Hoverboats is where it’s at


2. About to get your wisdom teeth re-moooooooooooo-ved

I’m sure this was a coincidence, but at least it’s not frightening like everything else at the dentists.


3. Doggo is bigger than those humans

Of course, this is just an illusion.


4. The President is in the bathroom!

Of course, it’s the towels casting a shadow.


5. I just wanted to iron this sh… nevermind


6. Speaking of ironing boards…


7. Please, for the love of God, tell me those are contacts


8. Whose hair is better?

Oh, wait…


9. My brain hurts from looking at this

Is it a hole? Is it a park? Is it just a decoration on the floor? Help me out here!


10. I don’t understand this one myself

Oh of course, Australia’s split personality revealed.


11. Be careful with the baby!

Oh wait, it’s a model train set.


12. Look at all those hex keys!

This is more of a satisfying thing.


13. How is this even possible?


14. This is not a painting

Despite what it may seem. It’s a mirror.


15. How can someone be as stretchy as this?

If I saw this at my local gym I would get the hell out of here. Maybe even call an exorcist on the way.



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