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Prince William and Kate Middleton Did Something Very Casual Which Angered The Queen


34-year-old Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has become a loving husband and father in the eye of the public. However this didn’t stop his grandmother the Queen to scold him – even at his age.

The ninetieth birthday of the Queen was celebrated with the ceremony of Trooping the Color. The occasion was attended by the personal troops of the Queen, the Household Divison and a special parade. In total, 1400 officers and 200 horses were in the parade. Also about 400 musicians marched and played for the event.

This occasion was special for another reason too. It was the first public appearance for  little Princess Charlotte, the second child of Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth Middleton.

However, let’s talk about the scolding. While watching the RAF air display, Prince William crouched down in order to speak to his son Prince George. The Queen noticed him so the prince quickly rose to his feet. According to some sources, he did this in order to maintain the public image of the royal family or to show respect to the pilots.

Check out the photos of the event and make your own judgement:

After Trooping the Colour, the royal family was seen on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the flypast honoring the Queen’s 90th birthday.


Thousands of people who attended the show were asked to follow a dress code, which was clearly saying: “no denim.”


Prince William, the Caring Father

See in this photo below how Prince William prepares to crouch down in order to speak to his son, Prince George.


The Queen having noticed looks as if she is preparing to say something.


Prince Harry realizes the situation, as The Queen says something.

And here we have Prince Harry catching on while his sibling gets in trouble.


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