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City Introduces Pink Police Cars To Serve And Protect The Ladies


A city is rolling out 51 girly pink police cars to focus solely on women’s safety.

Women in Bengaluru, Karnataka State, Southern India, have increasingly been the targets of crime in recent years and police chiefs hope the bright pink patrol vehicles will both deter criminals and give women peace of mind.

The cars are known as “Pink Hoysalas” and women are urged to download an app called Suraksha to help guard their safety.

It requires the nomination of two people to be contacted in the event of an emergency and works in part by tracking GPS location.

Areas in the city including Banasawadi and Kothanur will be particularly targeted by the pink patrols, as they have been the site of a surge in rapes, molestations and other crimes targeting women in the past couple of years.

Each patrol car will be staffed by three female officers. They will be available to help children in trouble as well as women.


The cars join an existing fleet of 221 city police cars but unlike others, they will be mounted with cameras monitored by officers in a control room.

Women in trouble can dial 100 to summon help or use the new Suraksha app, which allows five presses on a smartphone’s power button to connect them to the police.

Doing so also shows officers their location via GPS.

The highly visible vehicles will be stationed at women’s colleges and other locations where there are a lot of women, authorities said.


Police deputy commissioner B. Nagendra Kumar said: “Stationing pink hoysalas at such locations will also provide moral support to the women.”

The Suraksha app has so far had at least 5,630 downloads and at the time of writing 174 people out of 203 had rated the app with fives stars on Google Play.


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