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Create This Pink Striped Nail Art With Heart Design


If you’re a girl, there’s a chance that you were obsessed with pink color and hearts. If you were a boy, it might have been your little secret. That’s because, in those¬†childhood or teen years, sometimes, pink and hearts were the best way to express ourselves, right? Well, the hearts at least.

Wouldn’t you love that design on nails?

YouTube channel named LifeWorldWomen by Ildiko is the best way to keep updated with awesome, fun nail art. She is not a pro but she always tries techniques that could be easier for people like us. And for that, we’re grateful.

Today, we are sharing with you a beautiful striped nail art with heart designs.

Pink matters!

1. Apply base coat and paint your nails white.


2. Put the colors you need in a palette because you will need it for the striped design.

3. Take a fan brush and apply the colors by creating stripes on your nails. Start off with dark red or burgundy.


3. Pink will be the last color to apply.

4. Put a white heart on each nail on the lower corner of nail by using small dotting tool.


See, it is super easy and the result is lovable. To see more details, check out the video down below.


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