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According To Pinterest These Will Be The Trendiest Halloween Costumes Of 2017


Who else is impatient to celebrate Halloween? Spooky costumes, impressive yards that look like horror movie sets, and most importantly candy!

According to Pinterest’s trend forecast, this is what you will see people dressed up as this year for Halloween. You can even get an inspiration yourself and do a little twist on some of these costumes. Don’t be scared to get creative, use your imagination and let your pets in on the fun, too.

Diply compiled this gallery of trendy costumes, check them out.

1. The giraffe makeup look

We are used to seeing toddlers dressed up as cute giraffes in costumes, but this year the giraffe makeup look is trending up 1200% from last year. All you need is some face painting and you can go trick-or-treating looking adorable. It’s a plus if you are a tall girl or you could just wear really high heels.

Also, don’t forget the giraffe ears headband.

source:Halloween Blog

2. Gaston and his fangirls

With the Beauty and the Beast remake this year, Gaston got popular again and this costume is trending up to 680% from last year. He still has lots of fan girls, that hasn’t changed.

If you are a group of friends this costume is the one for you.

source:Tumblr | goingdownthebayou

3. DIY jellybean costume

Why are jellybeans getting so much attention in 2017, almost 370% more than last year? Um, maybe because there isn’t a single kid on this planet who doesn’t like them.
Also, it will take you probably just an hour to make, so why not? It’s a great last moment idea.

source:Modern Kiddo

4. The King in the North

It’s no surprise that this Jon Snow outfit is up 280% from last year. Who wouldn’t want to be the King in the North who fights bravely against the White Walkers? I don’t think though, that this costume will give you the courage to face the Night King. That feature is not included.


source:Carbon Costume

5. The hippies are back

Looks like its cool to be a hippie again. Or maybe this costume is up 131% in popularity this year because people don’t know what to do with their Coachella outfits.  You know better than to spent so much money on an overpriced leather jacket.

source:The Girls With Glasses

6. Aliens

Aliens will always be terrifying and for an unknown reason, they are 100% even more popular this year. For this costume all you need is an old pair of galaxy leggings. However, if you want to make it even more believable that you are visiting from another planet, you will also need a spaceship.

Lastly, don’t forget to do the Vulcan salute.

source:Pinterest | Jessica Taylor

7. The wise and powerful Yoda

Apparently, a lot of parents are Star Wars fans. This costume has been saved over 180K times. I mean how adorable does that baby look, all that wisdom.

source:Pinterest | Ashley Mackey

8. Belle

Another fictional Disney character that is making a huge comeback this year is Belle. Imagine if you had her singing abilities, it would be just like a fairytale. Oh yeah, don’t forget to bring Mrs Pots and her adorable son.


source:Sara Du Jour

9. The glowing jellyfish

A lot of ocean lovers out there, pinning this costume. And why wouldn’t you be, the ocean is majestic and the home of a mysterious glowing jellyfish that moves gracefully through the water. So creative and impressive.

source: Maskerix

10. I am Groot

If you are a fan of  Guardians of the Galaxy you will love this costume. Make sure you don’t talk to keep its authenticity.

source:Coolest Handmade Costumes

11. The joy of painting

Bob Ross was an American iconic artist that is current and popular again thanks to Neflix and their show Chill with Bob Ross. How smart was it to include the “happy little tree” costume.

source: Costume Works

12. The Oreo couple

You spend everyday together, so why not spend Halloween glued to each other.

Also, who else is craving Oreo now?

source:Halloween Blog

13. Unicorns are back

So don’t be surprised when you see an abundance of them prancing around on Halloween. To make this costume even cooler grab yourself a colorful, color-changing, Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino.

source: Maskerix

14. Your pet needs a costume too

Is this dog melting your heart or what? People pinned this TV dog costume a lot this year.

source:You Bet Your Pierogi

15. Wonder cat

This cat is not messing around, she will kick your ass.
A true superhero.

source:Pinterest | Mary

16.Where’s Wally?

It’s a dog with glasses and a red and white bobbled hat, ready for an adventure.


Inspired yet? Let us know in the comments section.

Pinterest | I Love Goldendoodles
Source: Diply

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