12 Reasons Why Piper From Orange Is The New Black Is The Worst Female Character In Modern Television


Who doesn’t love sitting back and enjoying some good old Netflix. Possibly the greatest website/software of the current generation, people are finally finding uses for their old Xbox 360s by turning them into Netflix machines.

Netflix is packed with all kinds of TV shows, some amazing, and some not so amazing. One show that falls into that former category is Orange Is The New Black.
Debuting on April 11, 2013 on Netflix, the plot of this widely popular show is what made it unique. It follows Piper Chapman, as portrayed by Taylor Schilling, who is sentenced to 15 months in Litchfield Penitentiary after being convicted for a decade-old crime. Despite Piper being the main character, she is literally the worst female character one can possibly think of. And this list, as compiled by diply will prove and explain why.

If you haven’t seen season 4, proceed with caution because there are a few spoilers that lie ahead.

1. Spoiled, privileged and whiny

These are all characteristics that describe Piper, and she’s proud of it.

12 Reasons Why Piper From Orange Is The New Black Is The Worst Female Character In Modern Television 1


2. Her problems

It would seem that every time Piper opens her mouth, she always complains about her problems, and how everything is happening to her even though she claims she has done nothing wrong.

Piper, pipe down!

12 Reasons Why Piper From Orange Is The New Black Is The Worst Female Character In Modern Television 2

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3. The most boring inmate

It’s true. Piper is the main character, yet she’s the only inmate in the entire prison that is achingly boring. Her backstory is boring, and I challenge you to name the last time she said anything funny or interesting.


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4. She thinks very highly of herself

Piper likes to think that she’s quite gangsta. If these days, quite gangsta means getting a tattoo in white ink that says “trust no bitch”, then you can throw your trench coats, top hats, jewelery and 1930s Fords out the window. Just get a tattoo in white ink that says “trust no bitch” and you’ll be the biggest gangster in the world.


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5. Infinity tattoo

If her tattoos are the measurement for her gangster level, then her gangster level increased to dangerously high levels when she got an infinity symbol tattoo. So original.


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6. Abusing her white privilege

Piper bragged to all her other inmates when, in season 2, she got granted furlough to see her grandmother. I’m willing to bet that every single inmate in Litchfield Penitentiary absolutely hates Piper, and we’d totally understand why.


Source:WGBH News

7. One thing I don’t understand

Piper is so unlikable and boring, and yet she still managed to get together with Alex and Stella. And she treated Alex awfully. Just… how?


Source:Us Weekly

Of course, no one can forget Ruby Rose’s iconic wink.


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8. She convinced herself that she was a good person

Everytime someone challenged that, she got upset. Piper was never born to be a good person.


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9. Tricky

Piper is so annoying because she tricks you into thinking that she will change and become a better person, but she never actually does.


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10. She thinks she runs the prison

Reason being… she beat up Pennsatucky and sent Stella to max. Really?


Source:AM New York

11. She treated all the other inmates really badly



12. The real and final reason why she’s so bad

She started a ‘white lives matter’ campaign in season 4, and even though she knew it was bad, she did nothing to stop it.



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