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Piping Cakes Compilation By Vanessa From Cake Style


Describing Cake Style’s cakes as amazing is the equivalent of saying water is wet or nights are dark. The channel run by Vanessa from the Australian town of Glendale in New South Wales is a hotspot of cake creativity. The Aussie posts weekly updates on the widest possible cake designs imaginable. She’s got creativity coming out of her ears!

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By her own admission, Vanessa started baking over a decade ago. She has also taught baking and cake design for a while. When she discovered Youtube, it became the perfect platform for her to share her knowledge with the caking world. And we are uber grateful that she did.

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The only criterion for her is having fun, as beside tutorials and recipes what she wants to share most with her audiences is laughs.

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Piping is an icing technique where ornamental lines are applied on a frosted cake with a pastry bag. In the video below you will find a compilation of Vanessa’s favorite piping-decorated cakes, and trust us, you will have trouble deciding which one you would like to try first.

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Obviously many Youtubers had the same dilemma, as the comments section is full of users amazed by Vanessa skills. Each wonder which cake to go for when their birthdays come around.

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So check out the video and pick out yours!

Source:Cake Style

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