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The First Paparazzi Photo Of Meghan Markle At Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception Has Surfaced


Pippa Middleton married former British racing driver James Matthews on Saturday evening, but on that day, the paparazzi lenses were being focused for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as much as anyone else. According to the heightened recent media speculation, the fifth in line to ascend the British throne is reportedly about to propose to his girlfriend after their relationship has been gradually becoming more serious during recent months.

Markle was not invited to the official ceremony segment of the wedding since the couple appearing together at a semi-official event in front of the world press would be “tantamount to him putting a ring on her finger and Harry wants to do this at his own pace,” one seasoned royal watcher said. It has now been confirmed, however, that the actress appeared at the highly exclusive black-tie reception and pictures have surfaced to prove it.

It has now been reported Harry drove Markle to the event himself, although the two were not able to sit with each other due to the event’s extremely strict seating chart that kept couples apart.

Suits star Markle, 35, arrived in England from Canada last Tuesday, and it has now been reported elaborate plans were in place to keep the press from finding out she was attending the reception. These plans, however, fell through after the Los Angeles-born was spotted by a photographer visiting a London fitness studio on Friday.

And perhaps indicative of his respect for the actress, insiders have shared how 33-year-old Prince Harry left his usual party behavior aside for this occasion, despite the party being quite a raucous affair.

“I’ve seen Harry pretty smashed at more parties than I care to remember, but this time he appeared to be on his best behavior,” one source said.

“Surprisingly Harry didn’t drink that much as he was very gentlemanly around his girlfriend. It looked like he wanted to make a good impression on her.”


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