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The Darker The Better: Pitch-Black Nails Are ‘In’ This Winter


Brace yourselves, winter is coming! While the change of the season certainly implies a change in the wardrobe, one thing you mustn’t forget to change as well is the colour of your nails. Winter is no time for bright hues like magenta or coral; you should opt for the darker tones instead.

So, since dark is the new chic, you can’t go wrong if you go all in and choose the darkest of the dark. Black nail polish gives off an edgy, vampy vibe, and it basically says, “You really don’t want to mess with me.” So, if this looks like your kind of thing (and why wouldn’t it when black nails are absolutely gorgeous), we have a list, compiled by Diply, that will give you several brilliant ideas for stunning nails that you won’t want to give up even when the cold season is over.

1. Matte black with lacy accents

These sultry nails are suited both for formal occasions and for a night out.

Instagram | @mattnails4305

2. Black nails with gold embellishments

Spruce things up with some gold decorations. The matte black polish and the nude accents combined with the gold make for stunning nails.

Instagram | @nail_unistella

3. Jewel-encrusted black nails

You love bling and shiny things? Then these holographic accent style, adorned with sparkly gems are the perfect match for you.

Instagram | @nailsbycheyanne

4. Black nails and copper stripping tape

A quick trip to the accessories store for some copper stripping tape will result in endless possibilities for wonderful nail art.

Instagram | @lucigoodyearnails

5. Simply black

Sometimes less is more. When it comes to black nail polish, often you don’t need jewels, accents, or patterns, to achieve a stylish and elegant look.

Instagram | @indigolune

6. Glittery black

It’s like having a piece of the starry sky on them. Mesmerizing!

Instagram | @emmalouisenailsbeauty

Which of these suggestions is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

Source: diply

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