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Another 10 Plastic Surgery Disasters

Botched plastic surgeries

Botched plastic surgeries don’t only happen to celebrities. We know this because we see them on every screen and ever paper. But there are freaky stories all over the world, where people were so obsessed with it, it took their life. Or is it worse that you’re left mutilated, just because you wanted butt injections?

You tell me.

What’s your opinion on this? Because I think that plastic surgery is a really cool thing if you’re smart with it. If there’s a part about you you don’t care much for, you alter it, and end up liking yourself more. But if you have a problem accepting yourself in general, no plastic surgery will help. In fact, it will only distort the image you have of you and throw you into a deeper correction frenzy.

And it’s probably what happened to these people in the video.


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