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These 10 People Have Performed So Much Plastic Surgery, It’s Ridiculous

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We’re all born beautiful. Yet some of us are born with a few imperfections, at least in our own eyes, and some of them don’t really pop up until we get older. And however much we hate them, it would be ridiculous to jeopardize our health just to improve our looks right?

Some people embrace their imperfections, while others try their best to cover them up. Of course, the easier and less costly way to cover them up is with some makeup.

But when that’s not enough, people turn to the costly and unnatural way of covering their imperfections. This is where plastic surgery comes in.

Of course, just a little bit of a tone up here and there is perfectly fine, if it’s really necessary, but sometimes, people have so many procedures done that you might as well say that they’re just plastic and no skin.

Here are 10 such people, as put together by TheRichest in this video here. Let me see if you can guess what the lady in the thumbnail was trying to achieve through surgery.

There are many other examples of people who have transformed, and you can check them out in the video below:


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