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This Deck Of Playing Cards Has Dogs On It!


Dogs are cool. They are the centerpiece of quite a few internet memes, but they arguably are the best animals. There are tons of different breeds to choose from, they’re your best friend till you or they die, and they always want to have fun and enjoy going out for walks with you. Just, dogs, you know? They’re amazing.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, in 2012 in the US, the statistics showed that well over 36.5% of American households owned a dog, which was the highest compared to other animals. In numbers, that would translate to around 43 million per household, and when you add in 1.6 dogs per household, that would translate to a total of around 63 million dogs in the US, and that certainly says something.

To celebrate dogs and their awesomeness, artist John Littleboy from San Francisco, looking over the Pacific Coast in the north of California in the US, has designed a deck of cards to add to the broad collection of quirky and cool decks he sells on his website, Artiphany, and he calls it “Pack of Dogs”, and as you may have imagined, they have dogs on them!

Take a shuffle through the collection of cards in the gallery below, but proceed with caution, as you may never see normal playing cards the same way again.

More info: Artiphany

Muddy paws

This Deck Of Playing Cards Has Dogs On It! 1

Look at the guy!


Aaaw, he’s making his bed!



It’s doggies doing doggie stuff!



Yes, dog, we know it’s important to hide the bone.


And these are historical figure dogs. And I want them.



Dogs posing and photobombing


There’s a spade on your butt, dog!


Here’s a video of some dogs “playing” with these cards:

The deck retails for $9.50 (as of when this was written), so grab one if you have some extra cash laying around, particularly if you collect decks and you want to add something cool to your collection.

Source:Art Iphany, boredpanda

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