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How To Plump Your Lips Without Injections


Hey guys! The social media-based Kylie Jenner Challenge exploded across the Internet, sparking intense conversation as it trended. If you managed to avoid seeing the swollen mouths of any “competitors,” here’s the deal: In order to attain Kylie-sized lips (which the reality TV star attributes to the (magic of lip liner), people encased their mouths in small cups (like shot glasses, for example) and breathed in, relying on the suction for some thickening action.

Although some participants claimed to be satirizing the lip-mania, others seemed to genuinely want fuller lips. The results ranged from alarming to straight-up grotesque, and lots of folks petitioned for it to stop.

So today we are sharing with you this awesome video on how to get fuller lips. You don’t need injections,  you don’t need contouring or overlining your lips. You really do get kylie Jenner lips without the needles. Having bigger lips can be one of the most sought after trait by many men and women.

If you hate needles and you want bigger lips and you would do anything to not have to get injections, this is how.

The girl in this video will show you how to fuller your lips naturally.

Source:Kandee Johnson

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