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Plunking – The Perfect Everyday Heatless Method For Curly Hair

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For all you curly-haired goddesses out there, how many times have you struggled finding a heatless method for taming your curls, only to discover it’s not working very well and going back to using some heat is the only option left? Well, that is probably because you haven’t discovered plunking yet. Also called plopping, this approach will save your hair a lot of damage originating from overusing curling irons and blow dryers, and will allow to save them only for special occasions while using no heat whatsoever on regular days.

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According to BuzzFeed, plunking is a way of drying your curls to perfection while maintaining a natural look. One of its big advantages is that it will keep your curls frizz-free and voluminous. The method is extremely easy to do; all you will need is a t-shirt to be your “plopping turban.”

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This incredibly popular tutorial is brought to you by Donata White, who in addition to being a “practical beauty” expert, is also a successful lawyer. As if that wasn’t enough, Donata is also a certified personal trainer and a paleo cooking connoisseur. After discovering plunking back in 2015, she created this how-to video which has since been played almost 20 million times!

Click it, watch it, and find out why it is so popular. Remember, curly goddesses, plunking is the future!

Source: Donata White , relayhero

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