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Plus-Size Model Gets Fat-Shamed, Then A Sporting Goods Brand Makes Her Their New Face


Although the beauty standards of our society have changed in the last few years, people are still judged by the way they look. In the past few years, plus-size models have been great advocates for body acceptance in the media, but not everyone is pleased with that. It seems like no matter how hard they try, plus-size women still face heartbreaking amounts of adversity when trying to break into the world of modeling and fashion. One activewear brand, however, hired a plus-size model to prove that body shaming is bad. Sporting goods retailer Academy Sports and Outdoors from Katy, Texas has chosen plus-size Instagram fashion model Anna O’Brien as the new face of their ‘BCG’ line, which runs up to size 3X for women. You will be surprised to hear the whole story.

New York-based O’Brien has long struggled with maintaining a fitness regime, feeling anxiety when she had to work out because she couldn’t find any clothes for her size. “This single challenge is one of the greatest barriers to plus-size women becoming active,” she wrote for Academy’s Instagram page.

Although the Instagram model looked lovely in a sporty photo shoot that got more than 13 thousand likes, some people were not so nice to her. O’Brien is, in fact, very used to the Internet trolls, but this time there was another unexpected reaction.

After they noticed the nasty comment under one the model’s photos, Academy Sports and Outdoors issued a commendable response of their own. With their action, they helped many other women struggling with issues of body acceptance and shaming.

It’s an encouraging step in the right direction towards acceptance of all types of bodies out there.


“For plus size women, finding activewear that fits and is available in-store is nearly impossible,” Anna writes


“I spent 25 years waiting to be active. Now I will spend 25 more helping people of all sizes see the benefits of moving more.”


And then came the negative comments…


…which prompted an unexpected reaction.


Academy Sports and Outdoors decided to intervene:


Way to go!



Three cheers for tolerance, support, and understanding each other!


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