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Plus-Size Models Share Words Of Encouragement


It’s hard to differentiate real pictures from fabricated or altered ones these days. It seems that everybody needs to add a filter or effect which is messing with the originality and reality of present day photos.

However, some people are keen to opening the public’s eyes to the truth about the subject.

First of all, Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe, two plus-size models teamed up with professional photographer Karizza and their goal was to show how the media uses photo-editing. Diana and Callie’s pictures were then edited by Karizza.
Moreover, in an Instagram post Diana wrote: “I have to say we look amazing both ways. The purpose of this was to show you all how magazines and the media take editing to a different level. Models and celebrities do not even look like themselves. We live in such a fake world its time to bring real back. Own who you are and slay!”

Callie (left) and Diana (right) show the public how the media uses photo editing and twists the reality of images.

More info: Diana’s Instagram | Callie’s Instagram 

Furthermore, you can see the difference in the two pictures below, where the first shows the changes made by using an editing software.


Therefore in the same post, you can see the original photo with some words of encouragement – “Own who you are and slay”.


This is not the first case where these models spread positivity and encouraged people to accept their bodies.


Diana shared a photo last month of her next to Kim Kardashian with a caption saying: “We are both women with different bodies”.


In conclusion, the message these girls are trying to convey is that people should embrace who they are, love themselves and never be ashamed of their bodies.


Source: Boredpanda

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