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Police Officer Got Fired After Arresting Nurse And Using Unnecessary Force


A police officer has been fired for arresting a nurse and caught using unnecessary force on camera.


Officer Jeff Payne was dismissed Utah’s Salt Lake Police Department after a footage from his body camera was found, where he’s seen dragging nurse Alex Wubbles out of the burns unit. The nurse had refused to take blood from a patient since it was against hospital protocol to take blood without a person’s consent.

The nurse was looking after a truck driver who had just arrived in an unconscious state who allegedly served into oncoming traffic during a police chase. Then, officer Payne insisted to take the driver’s blood, but without his approval she couldn’t go ahead with the procedure.

Wubbles even showed him evidence of the hospital policy that prevents them from taking blood without a form of consent. But Payne wasn’t having any of it.


He arrested Wubbles in an over-aggressive manner. In the footage we can see the nurse being led out of the burns unit and then placed into the back of a police can while screaming: “I did nothing wrong!”

The police got fired after his department stated his action as “left a poor image of the company”, reports The Mirror.


Speaking to NBC’s Today show Wubbles explained:

“The only job I have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe.

“A blood draw – it gets thrown around there like it’s some simple thing – but blood is your blood, it’s your property.”

The members of Salt Lake City’s council apologized to the nurse.


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