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Polka Dots Nail Art Tutorial


Did you know that polka dots patterns were first conceived to cover moth holes in women’s wool dresses? Wicked, right?

That is why polka dots are perfectly even in their spacing and size. This pattern emerged as one of the most common ones in Great Britain towards the end of the XIX century.

Today it is considered an informal design common for bathing suits, lingerie and… nails?


Check out this cute tutorial done by MyDesigns4You and you might just fall in love with polka dot-styled nail art. Her designs kind of invoke a kind of feline or mini-mouse like kind of vibe. Cute in just pink, black and white.

If you like what you see check out MyDesigns4You’s Youtube channel. This vlog is run by Mila from Spain, a self-taught nail artist and mother of two. Her philosophy is to create original and honest super-simple designs created with the most basic of materials, so that everyone can feel confident enough to give them a try.


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