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How To Create Criss Cross Woven Ponytail Hairstyle


We have found a cute easy ponytail hairstyle and we are loving it. If you don’t have any braid skills – no worries! The only thing that you’ll need is hair elastics and you’re ready to go. Yup, everything else is going to be taken care of.

Princess Hairstyles is a YouTube channel that features hair tutorials for princesses of all ages and places. Here you will find quick and easy hair tutorials, mostly braids, but also unique ones. You can fit in with any occasion since this channel includes it all: prom hairstyles, updo tutorials, wedding hairstyles, ponytails, hair hacks etc.

The original style featured single banded crosses down the length of the ponytail. We thought it was such a super cute and creative style, don’t you agree with us? You are going to add 2 strand crosses with woven twists and in the end everything will look like a pattern. It’s shocking because it only takes some minutes to make.

ponytail 1

You can also add as many woven sections as you want depending on the length of your hair. I think just one section would be cute as an accent at the top of your ponytail.

ponytail 2

The ponytail will look awesome for any occasion, any age and almost any hair length, really.

ponytail 3

To see more, click right down below and enjoy!

Source:Princess Hairstyles

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