Pooping Can Help You Lose Weight... Sort Of

Pooping Can Help You Lose Weight… Sort Of

Pooping Can Help You Lose Weight... Sort Of

Honestly, now, have you ever weighed yourself before or after taking a dump? I mean, you must have at least thought of it, right? Who hasn’t?

And if you did, you must have noticed a difference in weight.

The same is for farting-believe it or not. So could pooping and farting really be the secret to weight loss, or is it all a taboo?

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Now, let’s find out how much your poop weighs.

What they actually discovered, was that poop weighs between approximately 2.5oz and 1lb.

The fact that Westernized populations have the lowest stool weight didn’t come as a surprise. Thanks to the lack of fiber that comes with a fast-food died, their poop averaged between 3-4oz.

This wouldn’t make a difference in your skinny jeans.

How about farts? Now read carefully.

Gastroenterologists in England know that beans are a truly magical fruit. So, in order to determine a fart’s weight, they put 200g of baked beans in addition to the participants’ normal diet.

What is even more surprising, is their actual method of measuring. They used rectal catheters over the course of 24 hours. This raises serious concerns about the participants’ mental stability.

The researchers found out that the farts weighed between 16-50oz per day. And according to science: “Women and men expelled equivalent amounts”.

So, the real question is: can you lose more weight by increased farting and pooping?

Admit it, you already thought of incorporating this info to your New Year’s resolution. Well, Adina Pearson, RDN, stated: “Yes, if you weighed yourself before and after a bowel movement, you would weigh less after.” Unfortunately, she added that you won’t “be slimmer or have less mass on your visible body.”

Pearson also points out that pooping in order to loose weight is actually a bad idea. And this is because while increased pooping ensures healthy digestion, it doesn’t mean that you will lose those extra pounds.

Some people even use laxatives. Robert Herbst, says laxative-driven weight loss happens on a daily basis even at the highest levels of sport.

The 18-time world-champion powerlifter confirmed that dropping a pound won’t change your body composition or muscle percentage.

This drug-testing supervisor at the Rio Olympics said: “One pound in does not guarantee one [pound] out,” because food is metabolized differently. Certain foods are absorbed more efficiently, while others pass right through.

So, most people are only able to make a 1-2lb difference mostly, and that is if they are active. So, don’t hurry and cancel your gym membership, or worse, use laxative. Pooping all the time won’t help you loose weight.

The only difference you’ll see is less bloating and maybe a few pounds less on the scale, but these differences won’t stick for long.

It all comes down to having to put effort if you want to lose weight properly.

Source: thrillist

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