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Artist Gave Our Pop Culture Characters Some Fabulous Curves


It takes only one look at Gabriele Pennacchioli’s Instagram page to see how talented he is. The California-based director, animator and designer creates some beautiful animated pictures depicting women. His art includes ladies of all shapes and sizes, and in some of his most popular creations, he plays around by giving famous characters from our pop culture some curves.

Check out the artwork reimagining popular characters with curvier figures that have won the Milan native tens of thousands of social media followers. Make sure to vote for your favorite one in the comments below.

Check out this strong woman wearing a bodysuit featuring a Hello Kitty shirt. I love it!


Source: Instagram | @gabrielepennacchioli

Tinker Bell is still so sweet with the wings, flower hat and her amazing curves


Source: Instagram | @gabrielepennacchioli

Gabriele named this badass character “Mama America”


Source: Instagram | @gabrielepennacchioli

Another picture of “Mama America” off to save the day


Source: Instagram | @gabrielepennacchioli

Sailor Moon is ready to face any evil with her strong body and fierce attitude


If you are curious to see more of Gabriele’s beautiful creations which also include subtle erotica and artwork looking at the intricacies of male-female relationships, make sure you check out his Instagram page.

Source: Instagram | @gabrielepennacchioli
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