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Stunning Mirroring Portraits Of Fifteen Pairs Of Relatives Show Their Incredible Resemblance


Genes are what make people live through other people. Sometimes the resemblance between a parent and a child is striking, but genes can go as far as more distant relatives, and it’s amazing how some people’s facial features are so similar. Uric Collette’s genetic portraits of family members’ faces sliced together reveal striking similarities and differences as well. Collette is a self-taught photographer from Quebec, Canada, who came up with the idea of exploring resemblance in faces of relatives. And these eye-opening photos have a lot to say about the way we look like.

Collette started shooting in 2008, after coming across a picture of himself with his then 7-year-old son. He discovered that when you compare half of a face with another relative’s half of face, you get a fascinating way to show the resemblance. His project was far from easy. He had to do a lot of technical corrections to get the perfect match, but the results were amazing.

Ulric’s work has been presented in various websites, magazines and books all over the world, including Prism, Global Investor, Snap, and My Modern Art. Also, his work on the genetic portraits series was  shortlisted in the world most prestigious advertising awards show, the Cannes Lion.

1. Sister and brother: Genevieve, 33, and Jean-Michel, 30


2. Father and son: Claude, 52, and Benoit, 23



3. Father and son: Laval, 56, and Vincent, 29


4. Father and son: Denis, 53, and William, 28


5. Brothers: Eric, 39, and Dany, 31


6. Grandmother and granddaughter: Ginette, 61, and Ismaelle, 12


7. Sister and brother: Ismaelle, 12, and Nathan, 11


8. Daughter and mother: Marilene, 35, and Rejanne, 64


9. Father and daughter: Daniel, 60, and Amelie, 33


10. Mother and daughter: Julie,61, and Amelia, 33


11. Twins: Christine and Laurence, 25


12. Twins: Alex and Sandrine, 20


13. Sister and brother: Karine, 29, and Dany, 25


14. Cousins: Justine, 29, and Ulric, 29


15. Brothers: Christophe, 30, and Ulric, 29



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