Poseidon's Toupee Washes Ashore After 6.7 Philippines Earthquake

Poseidon’s Toupee Washes Ashore After 6.7 Philippines Earthquake


A large 6.7 earthquake hit the Philippines on February 22, washing ashore a strange hairy blob. Locals and scientists were stunned at the sight of the sea creature.

Is that the Komondor dog that washed up on the shores of Dinagat Islands? Poseidon’s toupee, yes?

Pictures of the strange Cagdainao object have gone viral on Facebook. Locals are taking selfies with it.

Earthquakes are often responsible for revealing the clandestine dealings of the flora and fauna living twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

The creature is about 6 meters (20 feet) long and weighs up to 2 tons. It is two meters wide from the dorsal to the pectoral fin. However, scientists are unanimous in saying that this is the carcass of a whale.

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) issued a statement saying that they are most definitely certain that that’s a whale’s carcass, but they are not quite sure of the species. The carcass is in the advanced stages of decomposition, thus the inability to identify the species.

Moreover, this is not the only creature that washed up in the series of earthquakes that saw the shore of the Philippines shaking throughout the week.

Oarfish up to 30ft long could be spotted along the shore of Agusan del Norte.

There is a fear among the general public as well as the scientists that these creatures are foretelling of many more earthquakes to come.

One Facebook user, going by the name of Potpot Mangundayao, commented: “It’s called Trunko also known as Globster. Google it.”

And lo and behold! Indeed it is!

Wikipedia says:” Trunko is the nickname for a globster reportedly sighted in Margate, South Africa, on 25 October 1924.”

“According to an article entitled “Fish Like A Polar Bear” published on the 27 December 1924, edition of London’s Daily Mail.”

The term globster (trunko) was first coined in 1962 by Ivan T. Sanderson to describe the first of its kind to wash up on the shores of western Tasmania in August 1960.

So, it wasn’t Poseidon’s toupee after all.


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