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Post-Valentine’s Day Desserts Which Communicate Love

Valentine's Day Desserts

Ok, yes, Valentine’s Day is behind us. But as cliched as it sounds, why restrain your love in such a way? In a sense, every day of the year is a possible Valentine’s Day. Alright, perhaps we don’t need to adopt the paraphernalia that this day came to be associated with all year long, but the original idea about giving and receiving love and personalized gifts is applicable all the time.

So why not do something unexpected and surprise your loved one with something love-themed, just days after the 14th of February? Because one can only be truly surprised and moved by an unexpected gift. Not an afterthought mind you!

Valentine's Day Desserts 1

And we have just the thing for you: six love-inspired dessert ideas by ‘the sweetest place on the internet’ – the My Cupcake Addiction Youtube channel.

Valentine's Day Desserts 1

You can choose between chocolate boxes, cupcakes, brownies or a heart-shaped piñata cakes, or you can browse the channel for more similar tutorials. My Cupcake Addiction is run by Elise, who uploads new recipes every week – the trouble with such proliferation is that there is too many good things to choose from!

Valentine's Day Desserts 3

So remember… now Valentine’s Day is over, do not rest on your laurels, but continue working double hard for your love. Baking some cupcakes is always a good way of doing that, because as Elise says: life is sweet, but it could always be a little bit sweeter.


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