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Hilarious Posts Show The Most Important Love Is Love For Your Favorite Food


The most stable relationships some people have are the ones with their food. It’s not meant to be a joke, some people can only be faithful to their favorite food. Food will never let you down or cheat on you, it just might give you a few more pounds if you go too far with it. Cooking our favorite food is one of the rituals that distinguishes us from animals, and that’s what makes us special, after all. The following pictures sum up all the food emotions you can get, and possibly even some you never thought of getting.

If you can relate to at least some of them, food is your best friend.

1. It provokes such mixed feelings.

The moment you finally become this independent adult. When you realize you can do anything you want. And then, you decide to eat all the cookies you can find in the house. SO childish!


Source: Twitter | @PinkCamoTO

2.When you call your second stomach for help.

Pizza days are special days. You call your second stomach and he immediately comes to help you out.


Source: Twitter | @XplodingUnicorn

3. My only wish at weddings.

Nothing is harder on a wedding day than having to eat only one piece of cake. Hey, my friend just got locked for life! You don’t need to fit in that dress after the wedding.


Source:Scoop Whoop

4. My favorite word.

I wonder why they haven’t been invented yet. I could work as a manager there!


Source: Twitter | @KalvinMacleod

5. Saying NO is so hard!

I could never say NO to a bacon sandwich. Period.


Source: Twitter | @BiIIMurray

6. When you can eat much more than what your vacuum cleaner can suck.

Let’s be honest, you can’t even afford a Roomba. If you have a dog, you’re pretty close to it.


Source: Twitter | @AndyAsAdjective

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