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Pour Epsom Salt Into A Sock And You Can Easily Treat Ear Infection


It’s not unusual to get an ear infection because of the cold weather. As the winter approaches, we are all more susceptible and prone to illnesses at this time of year. Besides the flu, one of the most common diseases is an ear infection.

Ear infections happen when the cold attack traps the fluid in the middle ear. Children are most vulnerable, and they are mostly affected. Symptoms of an ear infection include earaches, and thick, yellow fluid coming from the ears.


Luckily, there’s a helpful home remedy that can provide quick relief for the common ear infection.

Ear infections can be very painful. It’s horrible because it simply won’t go away, and it can drive you crazy at times. Fortunately, one doctor’s natural, homemade remedy has gone viral on the Internet, and it can very likely help you the next time you have a dreaded ear infection.

All you will need is a cotton sock,


and enough Epsom salt to fill it. One doctor explains that Epsom salt is an old natural remedy that is great for aches and pains. Ear infections are no exception. You will have to fill the foot part of the sock which is usually about 1 to 1 and a half cups of Epsom salt.


You can use a  wide-mouthed funnel because this will prevent any messes from occurring. Also take care that the salt is rather coarse so that no granules slip through the sock’s fabric.


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