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Powder Primer Before Foundation With Chloe Morello


Check out this very interesting and unusual product demonstration by Chloe Morello. It is Makeup Store Australia’s Smoothing Primer which comes in powder form.

Now, Chloe and probably most of you usually use liquid or cream primers, but the mildness of the Smoothing Primer made Chloe want to give it a try.


After three weeks of use, she was positively surprised by the results. She highly recommends this primer to her followers, and claims it would especially benefit those who have oily skin.

In the video, you will see Chloe go through her standard daily routine, but using the Smoothing Primer instead of a liquid one. Bear in mind that the video was shot after three weeks of application.

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The fist thing she tells you about the powder is how light it is. She describes it as the finest milled powder that you will ever touch. She also confesses that the consistency kind of creeps her out a bit. But obviously, it doesn’t put her off as she’s pretty happy with the results.

Source:Chloe Morello

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