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The Power Of Makeup – 50 Celebrities Before And After


Makeup makes the world a more beautiful place. Especially the celebrity world. Imagine what would happen if we saw our favorite celebrities without makeup every day, everywhere they appear? It would become so clear to us that they’re simple, regular-looking people like us, we’d kind of forget about worshipping them and looking up to them.

There have been many articles, videos and photos, comparing celebrity faces before and after makeup, but we have here a 2-and a half minute video showing 50 celebrities looking just like us, and then not so much like us, but red carpet or concert-ready.

To be honest, they’re all beautiful anyway.But the power of makeup means to be able to hide those extra hours at work. So you can hide the sleepless night before and enhance the lashes you’re so proud of. To mask the blemishes and show off your lips and eyebrows.

Do you agree? We bet these celebrities do.


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