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The Power Of Makeup: The Challenge That Swept The Nation


Makeup truly has an incredible transformative power: it can turn you into a completely different person. And to prove just how big of a difference it makes, YouTuber NikkieTutorials decided to make a video applying cosmetics to only one half of her face. Tired of people shaming women for wearing makeup, calling them shallow or insecure, Nikkie showed everyone how dramatically makeup changes your face. And so began what would be known as ‘the power of makeup challenge’.

Some of the best beauty gurus and even celebrities joined in, creating their own versions of the half-face makeup. They wanted to show that makeup can be applied for fun, to boost your confidence, or as a way to express yourself, not just because you don’t like the way you look, or because you’re trying to look pretty for a boy. A lot of makeup artists also started doing before-and-after pictures, while explaining why makeup means so much to them.

Here we have some of the best and most inspiring photos from ‘the power of makeup’ challenge, courtesy of Ranker.

1. This is where it all took off: NikkieTutorials’ original ‘power of makeup’ transformation


Source: NikkieTutorials/

2. The two faces of Evelina Forsell


Source: Evelina Forsell/

3. Kim Kardashian joined in on the fun, guest starring in one of Nikkie’s videos


Source: NikkieTutorials/

4. YunnieRose demonstrates how makeup helps burn victims


Source: Shalom Blac/

5. Christen Dominique shows just how much makeup makes your eyes pop


Source: Christen Dominique/

6. Embrace your sultry side

7. PatrickStarrr is proof that the love for cosmetics is not determined by gender


Source: PatrickStarrr/

8. This lady went all in and even did half her hair!

The #powerofmakeupchallenge entry from our boo @jade_blagg #beautyandbanter 💋

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9. JazzyMina looking all jazzed up


Source: Jazzymina/

10. Absolutely beautiful!

11. Chell Hendrix’s Youtube video shows off her amazing transformation


Source: Chell Hendrix/

12. Here’s someone who doesn’t let her look define her

13. 홀리 turned the challenge into a global affair!


Source: 홀리/

14. Mayratouchofglam is very glamorous with a bold red lipstick


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15. What a beautiful message!

I’m a just a tad bit late on this band wagon.. but this is my ‘power of makeup’ look I did. I thought it had good meaning to it – makeup does have power in a sense. Some people wear makeup for fun or because it gives them confidence, and others don’t wear it at all – it’s a personal decision. I don’t think I need makeup to look beautiful. I don’t think anyone needs makeup to look beautiful. I wear makeup because it’s something I really enjoy doing for myself and others ☺️ so whether you do wear makeup a lot, a little or if you don’t at all, if you’re happy with yourself in the end, I think that’s all that really matters 👌🏼 ( I filmed this too so like if ya wanna see ittt!! 👍🏼♥️)

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16. Christine Di’Amore and her makeup: with or without you


Source: Christine Di’Amore/

17. Take a walk on the wild side!

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18. Haters gonna hate, shamers gonna shame, but Grav3yardgirl ain’t got time for that!



19. Wearing makeup doesn’t mean that you don’t feel pretty without it

20. This lady talks about hyperpigmentation in her video


Source: Youkeyy/

21. Wow, those eyes… mesmerizing

Next entry for our #powerofmakeupchallenge by @jaidejosephinexblog #beautyandbanter 💋

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22. Terry Makeup Tutorials was up for the challenge!


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23. Wielding the power of makeup is bound to make your lips fuller

24. This gorgeous lady knows what makeup is all about: fun!

25. The makeup challenge and the roller coaster of emotions

26. There’s nothing like some glitter for a very chic look!

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