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Practice These 5 Yoga Poses And Burn Stubborn Belly Fat


Belly fat can be the most difficult to blaze off, no matter if we are on some diet or working out daily. What’s even worse, often it is the first thing individuals notice when they watch you. As a result, having stomach fat can make you extremely hesitant and it may influence your personal satisfaction.

Not only that but it can affect our mental health in some cases and is connected to heart disease,  type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, and other diseases. Therefore burning off the belly fat is vital.

Among many different activities which help in lessening gut fat, yoga is very powerful, and it’s not complicated. Even better, it’s not expensive because you can practice at home. In any case, it’s important we understand how to dispense the paunch fat and to concentrate on nourishment.

You need to master these yoga postures to get quick  results.

1. Cobra posture – Bhujang asana

The Cobra posture fortifies the muscular strength and decreases belly fat. It will reinforce your back, stomach, and the whole upper body.



  • Lie down on your front with legs extended.
  • Place your palms underneath your shoulders.
  • Chin on the floor and all toes touching the floor.
  • Then, on inward breath gradually raise your midsection up twisting in reverse however much can reasonably be expected.
  • This permits your body to resemble a cobra prepared to hit with the head raised.
  • Hold the cobra posture for 15 – 30 second depending on your capacity.
  • On exhalation gradually cut your whole body down to the inclined position.
  • Don’t do this posture in the event that you have back injury, hernia or if you could be pregnant.

2. Bow posture – Dhanurasana

Bow posture is perfect for reinforcing the stomach center. To achieve its maximum capacity shake forward and backward while holding the stance. It gives the full body and back a decent extent. This exercise gives your midsection a full back rub and enacts the assimilation framework to battle constipation.



  • Begin by resting on your stomach in inclined position with legs extended together, arms set on either side of the body.
  • Then curve the knees, move your arms to the feet and hold.
  • On inward breath lift your head and curve in reverse. Lift your legs as high as possible.
  • Hold this stance for 15-30 seconds. Inhale regularly while holding the stance.
  • On exhalation, gradually move back your body to the inclined position.
  • Repeat this for no less than 5 rounds, unwinding for 15 seconds after every round.

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