Twitter Is Losing Its Marbles Over The New $185 Prada Paperclip


Let me ask you something. What would you do if you were given $185? There really are a ton of things you can do. Pick up an extra supply of groceries, go out and party with tons of drinks, dine at a fancy restaurant with your loved one or go on a nice, relaxed weekend for two with your loved one in a nice location.

Or, you can buy a Prada-branded paperclip!

Yep, as crazy as that might sound, a Prada paperclip is now available at Barneys Network, and it costs $185 US dollars. That’s literally the same as going to Office Depot and buying 103 packs of 100 paperclips. In other words, you can have 10,335 paperclips for the price of just this one. But hey, it’s got the Prada name on it, so it must be good, right?

As good as it may be, the internet didn’t take it so well, in fact they reacted in some pretty hilarious ways. Take a look at the gallery below:

Twitter Is Losing Its Marbles Over The New $185 Prada Paperclip 1

1. The Microsoft Word paperclip has sure grown up…

Twitter Is Losing Its Marbles Over The New $185 Prada Paperclip 1

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2. A fair thought…


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3. Seriously, Facebook



4. Here’s the Microsoft Word guy again

Remember those days? Windows XP was the tits back in the day!



5. The worst part is, the paper clip is not even for paper

It’s for money! What money will it clip when you buy it, is my question.


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6. Good point


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7. You can fashion an identical clip at home


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8. This is what’s going to happen


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9. Isn’t that everyone’s mood nowadays?



10. Going back to what I said…



11. Because stupid accessories are more important than life and health, am I right?


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12. I hope it can


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13. Well, that’s unfortunate


Would you ever buy something like this, regardless of how wealthy you are? Let us know in the comments!

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