These 12 TV Stars Pregnancies Became Major Storylines

These 12 TV Stars’ Pregnancies Became A Part Of The Storyline

What happens if, let’s say, an actress who has a role in a famous sitcom or drama gets pregnant? Well, it happens, yes, but what now? Their character in the TV show has to get pregnant too… And that is all of a sudden with the weirdest and some of them most interesting explanations for it.

There are some famous actresses that have had their pregnancies written into the plot of their TV show. And to be honest, to some of them it turned out so normal that you couldn’t have noticed that the plot was actually changed at some point. For instance, Phoebe was a surrogate for her brother’s triplets in the timeless TV show “Friends”, because of the real-life pregnancy of the actress Lisa Kudrow.

There are 12 other stars with a similar story, you might be surprised to hear. Take a look at them below, courtesy of Ranker. These awesome ladies have had to perform double responsibilities as moms-to-be plus their part of their on-screen stories.

1. Jennifer Garner


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The 45-year-old actress had a role in the drama Alias during her pregnancy. So, her CIA spy character suddenly also suddenly was pregnant and had to later got delivered by Sydney Bristow, during a fire. Well, since you can’t hide the belly.

2. Alyson Hannigan


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Well, couldn’t be better for this case. Even though the How I Met Your Mother producers have hidden Alyson’s first pregnancy, the second one had the ideal timing for the lovely and adorable couple Lily and Marshall in the seventh season. However, she had to wear a pregnancy pad because Lily in the series was further along than in real life. Keeva Denisof, Alyson’s daughter was born on 23rd May, 2012.

3. Lucille Ball


The famous actress and model who died on 26th April 1989, filmed the sitcom I Love Lucy during her second pregnancy. The birth of Ball’s real-life son was one of the most publicized births in TV history. Her baby was on the cover of the TV guide in April 1953.

4. Emily Deschanel


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Temperance Brennan’s pregnancy was incorporated into the crime Bones, because of Emily Deschanel’s first pregnancy in 2011. She said: “I’ll experience something in an episode, and I’m shocked because it’s exactly what I’m going through.”  Her real-life son Henry Hornsby was born in September 2011.

5. Jenna Fischer


During the filming of the 8th season of The Office, the 43-year-old actress was pregnant. The plans for Pam and Jim to have a second child in the storyline were so convenient then. This time Jenna didn’t have to wear a prosthetic belly.

6. Lisa Kudrow


When Lisa Kudrow got pregnant in 1998 during the filming the fourth and the fifth season of Friends, so did Phoebe in the epic TV show.

The unconventional Pheebs carried triplets for her brother and his wife as a surrogate mom while in real-life, Lisa gave birth to a son, Julian Murray in May 1998.

7. Marcia Cross


Did you know that 55-year-old Marcia was pregnant through most of the episodes of season three of Desperate Housewives? However, it was covered up by strategically placed props. In February  2007 she gave birth to twins Eden Mahoney and Savannah Mahoney and because of that, her character Bree faked a pregnancy in the show.

8. Katey Sagal


When the Golden globe winner Katey Sagal got pregnant the writers of Married… with Children included that in the sixth season of the show. Sadly, her daughter was stillborn, so the story on the show was rewritten. The actress has now three children Esme Louise Sutter, Sarah Grace White and Jackson James White which weren’t included in the series.

9. Rachel Griffiths


Because of her first pregnancy, the 48-year-old Australian actress missed four episodes of the third season of Six Feet Under. However, her second pregnancy was incorporated into the storyline in season five of the show. Adelaide Rose Taylor, her daughter in real-life was born in June 2005. In the show, however, her character, Brenda Chenowith had a miscarriage.

10. Molly Ringwald


The second pregnancy of the American actress and singer was included in the drama Secret Life Of An American Teenager. Anne had a baby boy, while Molly in real life gave birth to baby twins named Adele and Roman.

11. Caterina Scorsone


Because of the pregnancy of the 36-year-old Canadian actress, the storyline of Private Practice got changed. The creator of the show, Shonda Rhimes incorporated the pregnancy in the show. However, Dr.Amelia Shepard’s son died at birth. In real-life Caterina’s daughter, Eliza Giles was born in July 2012

12. Chelsea Peretti


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The 39-year-old American comedian and actress has announced her pregnancy in February 2017. However, after some unwanted attention this is what she had to say to her Tweeter followers:
“Are you excited? Is your mom excited? Is your husband excited?’ No none of us are excited (Unfortunately for the baby) will be a weird life”
Her character in the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine has recovered from her bus accident and now she is pregnant.

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