Pregnancy Photoshoot Goes Viral Because Of One Hilarious Photo

Pregnancy Photoshoot Goes Viral Because Of One Hilarious Photo

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Laura Morgan was well into her pregnancy when she and her husband Aaron decided to take a few maternity photos.
They hired a professional photographer, Ashley Hempel for the job. They picked Duck Creek Park in Kansas-Missouri as the locale for the photo shoot.
One of the photos of the day went viral as soon as Ashley posted it to her Facebook profile.
The day when Laura sat for Ashley, rubbing her tummy while looking towards the camera, she heard a muffled sound that turned into full blown laughter!

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She turned to see her husband standing a couple of feet behind her, rubbing his beer belly.
“He started laughing uncontrollably and I was like “What is going on?” and when I turned around it was my husband doing silly poses!” said Laura.
“I probably did what most guys that have a beer belly would do,” Aaron said. “Anybody that has a sense of humor, anyway.”
As the photo went viral, Ashley knew she captured an endearing moment of the family’s story. And that people could identify with it.
“You know he is embracing having a belly, I guess,” Ashley laughed. ”I think it’s just the realness of it.”

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She says that it is these unscripted moments that everyone can relate to.
“You capture something like that, you know, and you’re gonna have that forever. You are always gonna look back at that picture,” said Ashley.
Photography is a passion and a business for Ashley Hempel. She started her own photography business inspired by her own experience shooting photos of her own two kids.
This particular photo was the photo to bring her international attention having amassed 107,000 likes at the time of posting back in 2013. She has now a devoted following of nearly 23,000 people.
Laura and Aaron, on the other hand, have had two more babies since then and now are a loving family of five.
Aaron still has his beer belly.


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