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This Pregnant Mother Has Great Comeback For The People That Ask Why Her Belly Is “So Black”


Harassment on the internet is a big problem and internet trolls hide all day behind their computers and routinely try to tear people down in the worst ways. But this time, they might have gone too far attacking a pregnant woman. Luckily, she responded and shut down the troll.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I am not sure what kind of person could find something wrong with it. I mean, we all came from one so I don’t actually know who they think they’re kidding.

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When actress, model and writer Porsche Thomas posted a picture of herself relaxing and sunbathing, people still found something to say.

Her Instagram post read, “Getting down to the wire. Only about two weeks left for me and these boys before they make their debut. Crazy excited and totally nervous. What a way to start #2017 #35weeks #twins #babybump”

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Don’t you agree that she’s drop dead gorgeous? She’s got a radiant smile and looks totally chill. But haters will be haters, read on to see what they said.


So, let’s take a look what these haters had to say…

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Most of the comments were positive but a few bullies posted things like “nasty” and asked why her baby belly was “so black.” Wait, what?


But Porsche had something of her own to say to the haters.

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During an interview she was asked about the experience and she said, “I was baffled.”

“I didn’t understand it because, to me, it wasn’t even a great photo of myself. It was just a photo to embrace the belly. It wasn’t that deep when I posted it.”
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“We don’t really get to see Black baby bumps and when we [do], people have a negative reaction to it, for some reason, like it’s vulgar,” she explained.

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She posted a beautiful picture as a comeback.

“While some of y’all been in my comments criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me during what shoulda been your holiday cheer, I been over here enjoying life, growing tiny humans, performing miracles and hopefully getting even blacker.”

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Can we just clap real hard for this one? Perfect response!


In the interview,. she said, “I shake everything off that’s negative. I don’t hold on to other people’s opinions that have nothing to do with me. I laugh at the ignorance. I know it exists, it’s there and it’s sad.”

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