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25 Pregnant Ladies Absolutely Rocking Halloween


If you are coming to your first Halloween as a pregnant woman, it shouldn’t mean you should leave all the fun to all those people who get to party for nine months without carrying a baby. In fact, this is a perfect chance to make up for all those times when you had to pass up on raw fish, jacuzzis, coffee or alcohol.

So instead of staying at home, get that belly rocking as part of a creative costume and be the life of any party at the end of this month. Here are twenty-five pregnant women who did exactly that, and their costumes provide plenty of inspiration for your own mask.

1. Absolutely guac-ing that avocado costume

Guacamole is always extra.

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2. It is never too early to start trick-or-treating

Halloween nightout #halloween #halloweencostume #pregnanthalloween

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3. In her future is a baby, but gaze into her crystal ball and you may find out yours

Happy Halloween From this young gypsy & her crystal ball baby boy #pregnanthalloween

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4. Don’t let this cat string you along with her ball of yarn

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5. Those who told her she couldn’t dress up for Halloween because she was pregnant are rueing the day

6. “I came in like a wrecking ball”

“I came in like a wrecking ball” #PregnantHalloweenCostume #MileyCyrus #WreckingBall

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7. Perhaps this is a pumpkin best left uncarved?

How cute is this farmer and her little pumpkin?  It’s never too early to start planning your #PregnantHalloween costume!   @krittyleah

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8. Being pregnant is a great time to do couples’ Halloween costumes

9. A sweet gumball machine

How awesome is this pregnant #Halloween costume? Tag us in any other cool costumes you’ve seen!

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10. A real slam dunk

11. Is this the best Halloween costume ever? “Ask again later”

12. Nailed the movie reference!

These two nailed it! #juno #junoandbleeker #halloweencostume #pregnanthalloween

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13. A Kool-Aid costume? Oh yeah!

Oh Yeahhh!! #KoolAidMan #PregnantHalloween

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14. An egg-cellent choice

15. Gotta catch ’em all!

#halloween #pokemon #ashketchum #pokeball #halloweencostume #costume #october #prego #pregnant #pregbelly

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16. Probably the only time that Aqua Teen Hunger Force and pregnancy will go together

17. A cheesy stuffed pizza costume

One million chef kisses for Halloween 2016 👌🍕 #stuffedcrustpizza #pregnanthalloween #maternitycostume

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18. A couple that will definitely paint the town this Halloween

19. This costume is all the Things

thingssssss ❤️💙 #halloweencostume #pregnanthalloween #halloweenpregnancy @jahscrape

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20. A pregnant lady who will definitely be the life of the party

21. This baby bird will be hatching very soon

22. Proof that sometimes a pregnant woman can be a bit spooky

23. “Family under construction”

⚠️Family under construction⚠️ #Halloween2016 #pregnanthalloween #clomishadventures

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24. “Preggo” sauce

💀 #halloween #halloweenparty #pregnanthalloween #pregosauce #happyhalloween

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25. Let’s hope that beer is just a prop

Last minute costume. #socute #halloween #pregnanthalloween #nonalcoholicbeer #notthebest

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