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A Tingling Feeling: The Funniest Ultrasound These Parents Of Five Have Ever Experienced


Can you imagine the excitement Kentucky couple Rachel and Chris McQueen felt when they were told they have a sixth child on the way? These Jackson county locals recently went to their regular prenatal doctor’s appointment for an ultrasound, but what happened to them there went viral.

ultrasound 3

How does an ultrasound story go viral, you say? Just wait. They couldn’t stop giggling when they were telling it, and the whole world joined in.

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So, Rachel had the ultrasound exam and everything was healthy and normal, but the doctor wanted to do a routine pelvic exam.

‘So the doctor was, he come in and they just got the ultrasound done and everything was great,’ Mrs McQueen said.

‘He takes the little things and does the cotton swap and that goes great and after that, things get a little heated there in the OB ultrasound room.’

She felt something burning, and you most definitely shouldn’t feel a burning in a situation like this. So things got hot, should we say?

ultrasound 2

What actually happened, was that the OBGYN accidentally used something else instead of lubricating gel…

Hand sanitizer!

They’ve handled this with so much humor, people can’t stop watching the video. ‘Woah whatever you put in there that’s hot,’ Mr McQueen said, mimicking his wife.

Everything was normal soon enough, but when the doctor asked if she’s okay, the only thing she said was:

‘Yeah but please don’t use hand sanitizer ever again,’ she giggled.

The incredibly cute video is below. “The worst thing in OB history just happened to me,” she begins. And they laugh so hard, she starts crying and he’s laughing so hard he had to pull the car over!

Source: Littlethings.com, Daily Mail

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