Pregnant Mother Shows Her Dancing Skills Due In One Week

pregnant mom

When it comes to passions, there is no one that can stop us. And trust me, this lady is unstoppable. Lidor David, 33, puts on her dancing shoes at 39 weeks – that’s one week before her due date.

Looking smoking hot by wearing a crop top and joggers, the dancer from Ra’anana, Israel, moves in perfect harmony with her husband of five years, Shaked.


When she and her baby take the dance floor they conclude to the lyric “pregnant but still doing moves like Beyoncé”. The reason she dances is also to stay healthy during pregnancy.


A video shows the heavily pregnant dancer’s impressive routine at Studio Loud

She said: “I’ve been performing for what feels like forever, probably for over two decades, and I don’t want to stop anytime soon. We love inspiring kids through dance and we hope we can inspire our children in the same way.”


See how much positive energy they bring.


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