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Pregnant Panda Gives Miraculous Birth In Belgium Zoo


Have you ever imagined that you can actually see online a pregnant panda giving birth? the web is a wonderful place.

It’s actually a miracle since unfortunately according to  World Nature Organization in 2014 only 1,864 giant pandas were found living in the world.

However, experts are trying their hardest to save this endangered species, by helping them breed before they become extinct. There are more than 300 pandas living in zoos, most of them are located in China. Captivity is a part of the effort to save the species, which has been hit hard by human invasion in the mountains.

Panda Hao Hao and her mate Xing Hui have been living in Paira Daiza Zoo in Belgium for two years now. Pairi Daiza said Belgium had become the third country in Europe witnessing success in panda reproduction after Austria and Spain. It’s the six birth in the last twenty years in Europe. The last successful birth was in Madrid three years ago. In collaboration with experts from China, contrived insemination successfully impregnated the proud mama bear. The new single birth marked an incredibly touching event that doesn’t happen everyday. Pandas are having a really hard time giving birth in captivity.

The pink, blind, hairless cub weighed just 171 grams (6oz). It doesn’t have a name yet, but Tim Bouts, the park’s zoological director refers to it as ‘a little pink sausage’ that gave a roaring cry before being lifted up in Hao Hao’s mouth, the park’s zoological director Tim Bouts said. ‘We are still in a risky period.’ -he warned even though the mother and baby are fine at this point.

As you can see from the video, panda Hao Hao is very careful while cradling her newborn cub in her mouth, it looks like she is handling motherhood with ease. The video is gathering more and more views every day, marking a breathtaking and rare event for the Animal Kingdom.

Little does panda Hao Hao knows how hard her keepers fought for her and her baby cub to get to this point – and fingers are crossed for the survival of her tiny boy. Of course, her caretakers got extremely emotional at the first sight of the baby.

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