The Grotesque Of Being Pregnant And The Period After

15 Times Pregnancy Has Been A Grotesque


I have a pregnant friend who is due just in a couple of days. She is the first in our group of friends to be giving birth so we are all beyond exited for her! We tip-toe around her like nervous poodles constantly bothering her with questions: ”Are you OK? Can I help you with something? Need a ride?”

She is one of those pregnant ladies that is always alright! Mobile, full of zest, selfless and ready to take the world on!

However, no one knows what the future holds! The post-partum periods is said to be one of the most trying periods in one’s life, both for the mom and for the dad.

Dads and the rest of the family are here to help as much as they can and easen the burden. And I swear we all will!
Even more so if these tweets are as real as they sound!

1. Craving Oreos. Oh God!



2. Babies are such rebels!



3. I am glad that both mom and child feel strongly on certain issues!



4. Babies are just lazy and quite boring to tell you the truth.

Imagine when the baby comes and all the attention is directed at it. Poor sibling!



5. April, I decide this things occasionally when overeating.

So, I feel your pain. The struggle is real!



6. I wonder if my friend knows sex?



7. Is there an app that help us turn off our hormones for some extended period of the day?

Scientists, pretty please?



8. Tweet par excellence!



9. Yikes!



10. This is relatable.

I was witness of my friend going into a full blown fit when a man tried to trick her our of a parking spot she had picked 20ft away!



11. I hear ya!



12. It’s your fault, too, you dumb men!



13. She has a dream!



14. OMG those maternity pants!



15. Mommies of the world, we cherish you!



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