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Pregnant Wife Is Crying In Store, When Husband Finds Out The Reason He Can’t Stop Laughing

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When everything is going wrong in your life and you feel very down, sometimes, all you need is to have a good cry. It feels very relieving in the end to let everything out and start to see the situation differently. However, at times we also cry for no reason at all. At some times more than other times. Like, when you’re pregnant.

Being pregnant comes with a lot of emotions in the package. You are facing various changes in your body and what you actually need is to jump in a sea full of chocolate. The video you are going to see below is kind of similar to that situation.

While shopping, Jason Wardall saw his wife, Rachel crying in the candy aisle of Smith’s shop in Pleasant Grove, Utah. When he learned what all of this is about, he couldn’t help laughing to tears.

He started filming her and asked her why she’s crying. The answer is that she really loves Symphony bars and already had two bags of candy in her hand. With tears streaming down her face, she sounded really emotional about the candy.

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When Jason asked her: “How did it make you feel sweetie?” and being left without of words she says:”Happy.”

Jason laughs while talking to his pregnant wife, who might not have seen the humor at the moment, but I am sure she’s laughing at this video now.

To see her reaction, press play at the video down below and enjoy!


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