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How Should Pregnant Women Sleep Properly


1 Sleeping While Pregnant
Pregnant women are having many fears, one of them is to sleep in some specific position. They think that they can hurt their baby. This is wrong, babies are much tougher that we can imagine. Sleeping in different positions will allow your body and the baby to grow. But as your belly grows you will probably not be able to sleep in your favorite position for some time.  So, get a good night rest to feel well in the morning.



2 Sleeping On Your  Left
If you sleep on your left the  amount of blood  will increase and will  feed more the placenta and your baby. It will help  the major vessels that exist on that side as well.


3 Left And Right
Sleeping on a side (SOS) is the best position. It is good to change sides from time to time and pillows can be of great help to adjust your position. When you sleep on the left side the aorta will be compressed.  if you sleep on your right side the  pressure will be on your liver and vena cava.


4 They Won’t Feel It
Certain discomforts like vascular or neurological cuts may be felt when sleeping. This should not make you worry  because your baby won’t feel it . It’s a pain that only the mother can feel it .


5 Sleep How You Feel
You have to sleep in any position you feel  as comfortable during your pregnancy. There is no risk to injure your baby while you are sleeping until it is in your belly. Your baby will let you know for sure if is feeling dis-comfortable and you will have to change the position.  You will always choose the best postilion for both of you.



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