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YouTuber Laura Lee Puts Press-On Eyeshadow To The Test


Makeup is an important part of a girl’s everyday life. It helps to highlight your best features and cover up any blemishes giving you an extra boost of confidence.

There are loads of different individual kinds of makeup, that when combined together, can turn you from “meh” to “WOW”.

One important individual makeup piece, at least in my opinion, is eyeshadow. It’s that little thing that accentuates your eyes just that tiny bit more, and if the right colors are applied correctly, it can be simply stunning.

The normal method of applying eyeshadow that everyone knows is by sweeping it on with the specialized brush.

But now, there’s a new invention on the horizon: press-on eyeshadow.

press on eyeshadow

The way it works is you take some eyeshadow using the special pad, you place it on your eyelid and press it on, as the name suggests. YouTuber Laura Lee decided to put this stuff to the test, and this is the video where she shares the technique and results.

Source:Laura Lee

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