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Primark Has Some New Eye Candy – A Beauty And The Beast Rose Light!

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Primark, the famous Irish clothing and accessories company is somewhat of an authority when it comes to Disney princesses. They have products inspired by Disney’s universally-loved cartoons in all varieties. But it seems like they have outdone themselves: their new range inspired by the Beauty and the Beast is cuteness materialized.

It was when a video of a store near Disneyland in Paris completely decorated with Disney princesses-related paraphernalia surfaced, that everyone realized the legendary heroines are going to be a big part of Primark’s identity in days to come. Now, UK stores have got something to brag about, too. The story starts with an adorable AF duvet set featuring Mr. Chip, Maurice and the others, a set that is a must-have for any self-respecting Beauty and the Beast fan.


No, that’s not the end of that: you can also get a real tea set with Mrs. Potts and Mr. Chip, and for a decent price, too.

Come one, you know you want it!


When we say a set, we mean it. To compliment Mrs. Potts and Mr. Chip, Primark also made Cogsworth available as well.


The latest addition to the range was announced recently, and it surely did not disappoint.

Ain’t this Rose Light the cutest? Primark fans also share our excitement!

One of them wrote: “Oh my god, I need this!!!!”

Another added: “I’m going to have to go to Primark tomorrow to get this now.”

If this is not considered crucial evidence that we all want to be a Disney princess, then I don’t know what is.

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