Prince Harry Breaks Military By Wearing Beard In Army Uniform

Prince Harry Breaks Military By Wearing Beard In Army Uniform

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Ah, what a beard can do! And it seems that the one on Prince Harry’s face has landed him in hot water. The thirty-three-year-old prince was accused of breaking military rules while at the Cenotaph in London for Remembrance Sunday.

But it’s not merely all hearsay and rumour, according to The Daily Mail. One serving member of the military in the elite cavalry regiment made his sentiments public, saying: ‘Prince Harry is letting us all down. There’s no place for beards in the Queen’s cavalry. He should have shaved it off for such an important day.’

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Although the young Prince Harry left the military in 2015, British Army rules forbid all sorts of beards, with some rare exceptions in a few very rare circumstances. These include skin conditions or strong adherence to religious faith – like for example the Sikhs. Harry, however, fails both of those conditions.

And while Prince Harry flaunted his ginger beard in defiance of military rules, both Prince Andrew and Prince William and showed up clean shaven at the Remembrance Sunday service.


Another exception from the military protocol is when special Forces or other clandestine units engage in covert military, or spying operations. Then, they are allowed to grow any type of facial or other hair they want. But on a military parade? Clean shaven is the standard.

Prince Harry has a legal justification, though – because he is no longer a serving officer of the military, the rules of the Ministry of Defense do not apply to him anymore. Furthermore, it’s not unknown or uncommon for the male members of royalty to sport a beard – after all, King George V, Harry’s great-great-grandfather, had a beard.

Prince William and Prince Andrew (center and left) appeared clean-shaven. Prince Harry did not.


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Sporting a beard is not uncommon, however, for male members of the royalty.

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Since leaving the military, Prince Harry has concentrated on charity work and his Royal duties.

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See more of the handsome Prince in the video below:


So, we’d say, Prince Harry is fully within the realm of his royal standards. But what do you think?

Source: dailymail

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