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Prince Harry Finally Introduces His Girlfriend To Queen Elizabeth


Prince Harry has finally introduced his girlfriend Meghan Markle, an American actress and model, to Queen Elizabeth. He did it over tea at Buckingham Palace. How British and royal is that? Imagine how nervous and anxious you would be to introduce your girlfriend to your grandmother who just happens to be the Queen of England?


The 33-year-old royal family member took his girlfriend, who he has been dating for just over a year, straight to the Queen’s private sitting room on the first floor.

There they joined her for tea and Harry’s 36-year-old girlfriend met Queen Elizabeth II for the first time. It all happened last Thursday, for the purpose of discussing their upcoming engagement with the Queen.


A source reported: “The couple arrived in time for tea at around 5pm. It is the queen’s favorite part of the day. She also loves it when her grandchildren are able to join her. She normally sits for half an hour eating from a selection of sandwiches, fruit or plain scones and cake. It is served with her own blend of Darjeeling and Assam tea, known as Queen Mary’s blend.”


Apparently, Prince Philip, Harry’s grandfather wasn’t present at the meeting.

The queen had just returned to London from her annual vacation at Balmoral Castle during which it is believed that Prince Harry asked the 91-year-old monarch to acquaint herself with his girlfriend.


The Horrible Bosses actress managed to impress the head of the royal family with her characteristic mix of beauty and charm. She also made a good impression on his father Prince Charles and his second wife the Duchess of Cornwall.

They stated that they were “very impressed” when they met Harry’s girlfriend earlier this year.

Things are looking good for this girl. It’s not easy to impress a royal family.


A spokesperson for Kensington Palace announced: “We have refrained from commenting on all previous stories about Prince Harry introducing Meghan Markle to members of the Royal Family and therefore we have no comment.”


If the Suits actress, who is also a famous philanthropist and racial and gender equality campaigner, does become a full-time royal, she will continue with her charity work. However, she said that she will leave her her career as an actress behind her.

It is expected the couple to announce their engagement before Christmas.



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