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Prince Harry Opens Up About His Emotions For The First Time Since Diana Died


Showing emotion has never been a strong side of the British monarchy. From an early age, the family members and the court are taught to keep it together despite the circumstances.

Not everyone though, letting your feelings show was something the late Princess Diana practically introduced to the royal family. When she passed away tragically in 1997 in Paris, the family retreated to Balmoral Castle in Scotland and their lack of response was not well accepted by the public.

19 years have passed and her two sons have carried out her legacy through their charity work. While William has certain duties to take, it seem like her younger son, Harry is the one who inherrited her magic touch in helping people.

One of her last humanitarian effort was bringing to light the danger of landmines left behind during war conflicts in countries like Angola and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


And a few people can forget that the Royal family treated Diana like a misfit, one hard to control and fit in. “You had to either sink or swim. And you had to learn that very fast,” she admitted years later on this subject.


During an interview in 1995, she shocked the public with a few things. Battling with post-natal depression, for example. “You’d wake up in the morning feeling you didn’t want to get out of bed, you felt misunderstood, and just very, very low in yourself,” was one of her statements.


After Diana’s death, many wondered if anyone would be able to capture the heart of the world the way she did.

Journalists wondered if her presence would be completely erased in the princes’ life


Over a million people stood along the six-mile line between Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey in London.

That’s when the PM at the time, Tony Blair referred to her as the People’s Princess.


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