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Princes Harry And William Speak About The Upcoming Documentary About Princess Diana

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How would it feel when you get off the phone with someone and literally minutes or hours after the phone call they’d get in a major car accident that would end their life too soon? Yeah, feels messed up, doesn’t it? For those that have experienced this before, I feel with you.

And, rather unfortunately, that’s what Princess Diana’s sons, William and Harry had to go through back when they were teenagers.


Back in 1997, the two brothers were at the queen’s Scottish retreat, Balmoral Castle, and Diana called hours before her tragic death in Paris. Nowadays, the two royal family brothers say that that last phone call was a little bit too short.

This story comes into light thanks to an upcoming documentary titled Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, the two royals speak candidly about their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales. To them, she wasn’t a princess, but their mother.

In this documentary, they’ll share personal photographs. The brothers have never spoken so openlu about their mother, and as they stated, this will be the first and last time.

Prince William explained: “We won’t speak as openly and as publicly about her again.”

He added, “We feel hopefully this film will provide the other side from her close family friends that you might not have heard from before, from those who knew her best, and from those who want to protect her memory and want to remind people of the person that she was: The warmth, the humor, and what she was like as a mother, which probably hasn’t come across before in many other pieces from other people.”

Harry grieved, “And if I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother the things that I would – the things I would have said to her.”

He also stated that even after twenty years, everything is still raw. William agreed, saying that a day doesn’t go by without him thinking about his mother.

At a meeting with reporters in Kensington Palace, regarding the documentary, William said, “This is a tribute from her sons to her.” He told a group of people about to watch the documentary “possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been.” These grown men are showing the world their vulnerability, all for the love of their mother. Major respect.

“It’s one thing doing a documentary like this, and it’s another thing standing front of all of you guys and explaining about something very personal to you,” William said. “Nevertheless, I think it’s very important that I’m here to do that.”

The brothers to this day wonder what kind of impact Princess Diana would have had on the world if she were still alive today, and William talks about her with his children, Prince George and Prince Charlotte, because he wants them to have memories of their grandmother.

Did you expect this from the royal brothers? Do you like the way they’ll be paying a tribute to their mother? Share your thoughts in the comments! And if you’re in the UK area, or if you have access to the channel, the documentary airs on ITV, so you might just be able to catch it and check out the full story.

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