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Prince William Breaks Royal Code And Hugs A Distressed Woman – His Mother Would Be So Proud


It seems like breaking the Royal code has transferred from Princess Diana to her son, 35-year-old Prince Willam. He has shown not only compassion and interest in the lives of those in need, but has even come to hug a woman who was desperate to locate her husband after the Grenfell Tower fire. The deadliest fire in the UK in the past 100 years happened on June 14 this year and has left 79 people dead so far. People were left homeless, devastated, and sad. But people were compassionate and helpful. The Royal family also helped those in need, and went to talk to the people at the crisis center and meet the victims’ families.

It was there that the caring Prince William broke protocol and surprisingly hugged one woman, trying to comfort her. Historically, touching members of the Royal family is limited to handshakes. However, Prince William didn’t have a problem breaking the protocol.

Apparently, the woman was so desperately trying to locate her husband, was very distressed. Instead of showing formal compassion, Prince William embraced her. While barely anyone expected it, it is very obvious where this comes from. He got it from his own mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry, have both inherited their mother’s kindness and compassion for the less fortunate.

And this was not the only time Prince William has shown compassion. Earlier in April this year, he comforted a bereft mother whose baby son and husband died. The future king bonded with Rhian Burke over their shared experience of loss, as he assured her that the rest of her children will be ‘absolutely fine’.

The mother-of-three lost her 12-month-old son George in February 2012 after he contracted pneumonia and a form of swine flu. Her husband Paul, 33, died only days later by jumping off a bridge.

Mrs Burke, who has two surviving children Holly, nine, and Isaac, eight, asked the prince: ‘You were obviously a little bit older than my children [when Diana passed away], but I obviously worry about them growing up, they’ll be OK won’t they?’

William then replied: ‘With a mum like you they’ll be absolutely fine. That’s true, they will be. Because you’re aware of all this, you’re already a step ahead.

Though Diana may be gone, her spirit lives on through her two sons. And we believe she would be very proud of her children, as they have grown to be compassionate and understanding men.


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