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Kensington Palace Officially Announced That Prince William And Kate Are Expecting A Third Child


It’s time for a third prince/princess to join Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Although it wasn’t supposed to be announced that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a third child, it was accidentally revealed due to the 35-year-old duchess suffering from severe morning sickness.

Kate is believed to be between eight and twelve weeks pregnant, and back in July, she hinted at having another child after being given a meant-for-a-newborn cuddly toy while on a family vacation in Poland, on which she commented “We will just have to have more babies”.

Kensington Palace officially announced this week that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third child, due sometime in March or April next year.

Due to falling pregnant, she was forced to cancel a London engagement today.

The official confirmation that they’re expecting a third child

As issued by Kensington Palace themselves.


This is the family currently

Prince William, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George who is currently aged four, and Princess Charlotte who is aged two.


It’s no surprise that the family is expanding as Kate has openly said that she wants multiple children and is actually one of three children herself.

It is extremely unusual for the Duchess to cancel public engagements – she was pregnant and sick on the last few occasions.
Hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition that rarely occurs during pregnancy which appears in the form of extreme nausea and vomitting, often leading to weight loss and dehydration.

The Queen was absolutely thrilled to announce the news


Here’s the family once again with their two children

Soon to be three!


Kate, pictured when she was eight months pregnant with Princess Charlotte, has been suffering from severe morning sickness

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is the medical terminology for excessive nausea and vomiting. The Duchess of Cambridge is a famous sufferer.


It’s believed that symptoms of HG tend to improve at around 20 weeks pregnant.

Some pregnant women are sick many times a day and are unable to keep food or drink down, which can affect their everyday life.

This can also trigger a reaction in the body known as ketosis, where the body burns stored fats when ingested ones aren’t available.


People are making a ton of different predictions as to what the third child’s name will be.

Anything from Elizabeth based on The Queen or the tudor Monarch Elizabeth I to Diana in honor of Princess Diana. Arthur and James have also popped up for suggestions if it turns out to be a boy.


Tudor monarch Elizabeth I


She speculated about having another child during a garden party held in Warsaw, Poland in The Queen’s honor.


While she was there, she was given a small, cuddly toy designed for newborns and joked with William about having a third child.


‘We gave the Duchess some presents for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She said they should have more babies, and they laughed.’ – said Julia Sielicka-Jastrzebska, who founded the toy company.


The royal couple pictured while at The Queen’s garden party in Warsaw.



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